8 Shows Like Alice in Borderland You Must See in 2023

The Netflix survival action-thriller series ‘HTL0_ Alice in Borderland ‘ was inspired by Haro Aso’s manga series. It is the story of a group trapped in a abandoned and bizarre version of Tokyo, and forced to play increasingly deadly games to survive. Four cards represent the four types of game. Spades are for the physical, intelligence, teamwork and clubs, while spades represent hearts. The difficulty of the game is determined by the number on the card. A higher number means that the game is more dangerous.

Season 2 will focus on the face cards. The first season was all about the number cards. Ryohei Arisu (Kentoyamazaki), the protagonist, and his friends and associates are attempting to complete all of the challenges to get back to their former world. Here are some recommendations if you enjoyed ‘Alice in Borderland. These shows are similar to “Alice in Borderland” and can be viewed on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

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8. Liar Game (2014)

Based on Shinobu Kaitan’s Japanese manga, “Liar Game” is a South Korean television series. It tells the story Nan Do Chon, an innocent young woman (alternatively Nam Da Jung), who is struggling to pay off her mounting debts. She joins the titled reality show where contestants play psychological games to win W10 Billion. Do Chon teams up to Cha Woo Jin to ensure her victory. Cha Woo Jin is a brilliant conman who can accurately detect if someone is lying to them. Before being made for small screens, ‘Liar Game” and ‘Alice in Borderland were originally mangas. Both share the same themes and genres. However, ‘Alice in Borderland has a fantastical element that ‘Liar Game lacks.

7. High-Rise Invasion (2021-21-)

The only anime on this list is ‘High-Rise Invasion, which was based on a manga series by Tsuina Mikura and illustrated in Takahiro Oba. Although “Alice in Borderland” has an anime adaptation, it is only three episodes long. The urban setting of “High-Rise Invasion” is similar to the Netflix series. This is an “abnormal place” which only appears to be a city of skyscrapers linked by suspension bridges. High school student Yuri Honjou discovers she must escape from or kill a group masked characters who are hunting her. Yuri quickly discovers that her brother Rika is also in the strange world and they begin to help each other through sharing information.

6. Panic (2021)

Lauren Oliver created ‘Panic’ from her 2014 novel. It is a short-lived series that stars Olivia Welch and Jessica Sula. The story follows 23 newly graduated high school students who participate in Panic’s annual competition for $50,000. The story is set in Carp, Texas and shares many themes with Alice in Borderland. These include hopelessness, desperation, and the desire for survival. Panic (the game), is extremely dangerous, just like the Japanese game. Two people were killed playing the game last summer, according to reports.

5. Sweet Home (2020)

“HT0_ SweetHome ” is a South Korean series that was inspired by the 2017 webtoon’s namesake Kim Kan-bi, and Hwang Youngchan. The story centers on the Green Home tenants who find that the world has turned into hell and people have transformed into monsters. These monsters are an important part of the story, but the main focus of ‘Sweet Home” is character interactions and how different characters react to various circumstances. Fantasy is the basis of both ‘Sweet Home” and ‘Alice in Borderland. The shows have a great action scene and huge set pieces that are able to convey the plot.

4. The Purge (2018-2019)

The franchise also includes James DeMonaco’s anthology series, ‘The Purge’. The story is set in an alternate America under the control of an authoritarian government. The government allows an annual purge that lasts 12 hours. All crimes are legal, just like in the movies. In the first season, several characters seem to have no connection with each other. These characters’ paths will undoubtedly cross as the Purge night begins. The Purge has a similar structure to Alice in Borderland and other entries on the list. Like ‘Alice in Borderland’, ‘The Purge’ explores the idea of whether society is possible without a legal structure.

3. 3% (2016-2020)

Pedro Aguilera created “3%” in a dystopian future. The Process involves a group of 20-year olds who are trying to escape the poverty of the Inland. Only 3% of applicants succeed each year. Rest are bound for worse, even death. The world of the 3% is just like Alice in Wonderland. It’s dark and depressing. Yet, like in “Alice in Borderland,” there are characters who believe in hope.

2. Re: Mind (2017-2018).

Re: Mind, a Japanese series, is both complex and bold in its execution. The story centers on 11 high school students who awaken with bags covering their heads and their feet on the ground. They discover that they are in an old European-style bedroom and their captor has a noticeable limp when the bags are taken off. The girls begin to disappear one by one as they try to find out what happened. Much of the mystery in the show, just like in “Alice in Borderland,” isn’t revealed until the end of the series. Although ‘Re: Mind may not have as many action scenes as ‘Alice in Borderland,’ the psychological thriller aspect makes up for the lack.

1. Squid Game (2021-21-)

Similar to ‘Alice in Borderland’, ‘HTMOD0_ SquidGame ‘ is an action-packed series about a survival sport. However, unlike the Korean show, where the game master is human, it’s very entertaining. The series follows 456 people as they participate in a series children’s games with the hope of winning W45.6 million. Many continue to play the games even after learning the terrible twists they can bring, even though they are not sure what they are doing. Although “Squid Game” may appear like a simple survival show, its honest exploration of themes such classism and wealth disparity and the exploitation of those who are poor and marginalized make it a truly remarkable series.

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