Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit: How and where did the alligator attack the woman? Know Full Details Here!

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Did you hear about the Alligator Attack on the elderly woman? Was it in the area where it happened? Are the women alive or not? What was the reaction of her family following this? Are you curious to learn more about this? Many people from across the United States are keen to learn more details about this incident. Are you among those? If yes, then please go through this article until the very end. All information regarding Alligator Attacks an Elderly Woman full video Reddit is available below, so please go through it with utmost concentration.

Where and How the Alligator Attack the Woman?

The horrific incident occurred in Florida. Since the incident occurred, it has become a sensation and numerous videos and news reports have been published about the incident. The story went popular on Reddit. The video had uncensored content because of which the video was pulled from Reddit. While some footage from the viral video is accessible on the internet. Many are seeking more details on this incident. For more details about the incident, read the following.

Details on Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video

This tragic incident took place on the 20th of February, 2023. A woman identified as Gloria Serge who is a resident of Florida was observed taking her dog for a stroll. According to reports, Gloria Serge took her dog on an outing near the Spanish Lakes Fairways. The dog was playing with grass, and then the alligator began to attack them. The alligator was fast enough that they didn’t have enough time to escape. The Alligator Attacks an Older Woman Video Full Video Reddit was posted all over the internet. The alligator was trying to take on the dog but she fought back to stop him, but ended up getting herself injured.

A viral clip of an attack

As we’ve read, the video detailing the attack went very popular and garnered many comments and likes from users. The majority of people were ecstatic following the film and reading stories on the incident. The video was taken off Reddit because of the content being uncensored. After the incident took place, the alligator was spotted and subsequently seized by the six Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers. The complete video is available via the Alligator Attacks Older Woman Complete Video Reddit which is accessible on Youtube.

More information about the video

Gloria was trying to help her dog, but ended up in danger. The alligator attempted to attack the dog, but it changed its mind when Gloria attempted to help her dog. Unfortunately she fell, and was at risk of her life. The alligator grabbed her by their feet and dragged her to the water, as seen on Alligator Attacks Senior Woman Complete Video Reddit. Gloria tried to help herself by holding her feet tightly, but it didn’t aid. She was swept away by the alligator before drowning within the swamp.


A number of videos have been uploaded on the internet concerning the hilarious incident that took place with Gloria. The Reddit users had mixed reactions to the clip. The video has created awareness among people. To find out more about the video go to this link. on this link

FAQs about a video of an alligator attacking an elderly woman on Reddit:

Q1: Where did the incident occur?

A1: The incident occurred in Florida.

Q2: Where did the video gain popularity?

A2: The video gained popularity on Reddit.

Q3: Was the alligator captured by the authorities?

A3: Yes, the alligator was captured by the authorities.

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