Beyond Wonderland Shooting Reddit: Why Gorge 2023 Shooting Video Trending on Twitter? Know Victims & Suspect Details Here!

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Know about Wonderland shooting Reddit news!

An open shooting incident took place at George Amphitheatre located in Washington State. According to sources, two Shooting Victims have died in the mass shooting attack. The police claimed the shooting took place on Saturday around 8 p.m. The open shooting happened on the camping grounds at the Beyond Wonderland Shooting Reddi area.

The Fox 2 media page shared a relevant news post on Twitter. According to the information shared in the post, two people were killed, and three were injured in the Beyond Wonderland festival shooting.

What happened at the Beyond Wonderland festival?

According to sources, a shooter fired at the beyond wonderland EDM music festival. The Shooting Suspect opened fire at the crowd to injure the people. Unfortunately, the police declared to victims dead from the open fire.

After the incident, the Beyond Wonderland page shared an update through the Twitter page. They stated in the shared post that the second-day show was canceled due to the shocking incident during the festival.

Where is the Beyond Wonderland 2023 Shooting suspect?

According to recent statements from the Grant County office Sherriff, the suspect is arrested after the incident. Law enforcement took swift action to catch the suspect immediately. The police authorities also claim that the shooter kept firing at the crowd while the police took the suspect down. However, the police didn’t reveal the name and identity of the suspect yet.

How many are injured in the shooting?

According to the details and the Shooting Video, almost three people are injured during the shooting. The three people injured include two victims and the suspect himself. The other two people injured from the crowd are declared dead by the police.

A Reddit user shared a post and stated that two were dead and three were injured in the shooting incident at the Beyond Wonderland festival.


The recent open shooting incident at beyond wonderland music festival is quite shocking. Here you can get more updates on the Wonderland shooting music festival.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What occurred at the beyond wonderland music festival?

A. An open shooting took place at the festival.

Q2. Who died in the beyond wonderland shooting?

Two people died in the beyond wonderland shooting incident.

Q3. Who is the victim of the Beyond Wonderland shooting incident?

A. The personal details of the victims are not revealed yet.

Q4. Who is the suspect in the case?

The identity of the suspect is not revealed yet.

Q5. Is the suspect arrested?

Yes, the suspect is arrested as of now.

Q6. Where did the shooting incident occur?

It occurred in George Amphitheatre, Washington State.

Q7. Which police department is looking after the shooting case?

The Grant County sheriffs are looking after the matter.

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