{LATEST} Butch Casey Murder: What Happened with them? Video of 1994 Florida triple murder! Latest Update Here

The home security camera captured the Butch Casey murder, a triple murder in Miramar in 1994. The tape was then transferred onto a VHS tape. The episode of Investigation Discovery will air on February 1st.

This 22-minute video shows the entire crime, from the moment Casimir Sucharski was attacked by two home invaders in the early hours on June 6, 1994, to the time they fled the front door leaving behind three bodies. This article contains information about the Butch Casey Murder.

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Butch Casey Murder

Sucharski was also known as Butch Casey. He had just returned from a late-night at Casey’s Nickelodeon Hollywood with two female guests, Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers.

The footage turns violent when two armed men hide their faces under clothing and storm into the room to torture the victims. The intruders also appear to be looking around the house, asking questions about Sucharski.

Pablo Ibar, and Seth Penalver

Moments before he disappears, one of the murderers walks directly in front of the camera. This shocked investigators who otherwise would have had few leads.

In 1994, one of three Miramar residents had their throats shot. The killer ran past a security camera, and exposed his face.

Pablo Ibar and Seth Penalver were both charged by the police with the murders within a matter of months. A jury found Penalver guilty and released him.

Pablo Ibar was sentenced on January 19, 2019 by a Broward County jury. He was sentenced life imprisonment with no death penalty.

The crime, and the long-running court drama, were featured in the first season Florida. This podcast is a true-crime podcast made at the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Where’s Pablo Ibar?

Both Pablo and Seth were taken into custody and brought before the court. Both Seth and Pablo insisted on their innocence and pleaded not guilty. Their first trial ended in a hung jury. The result of their second trial was different. Seth and Pablo were both convicted of first-degree murder. They were both sentenced to death in 2000. Seth appealed and was granted a second trial in 2012. Seth was found not guilty of all charges and was released from prison.

Pablo Ibar was retried in 2019. He insisted that he was innocent again. He insisted on his innocence again. Pablo is currently held at South Bay Correctional Facility in South Bay, Florida.


Two masked gunmen entered Casimir “Butch” Sucharski’s Miramar home in Florida on June 6, 1994. They also killed his Nickelodeon boss, Sucharski.

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Butch Casey Murder FAQs-

Q1-When did ButchCasey Murder?

Asn – June 6, 1994

Q2- What happened to Butch Casey?

Ans- Miramar at Florida

Q3 – How many people died in this case.

Ans- In this case, 3 people have died.

Q4- These murders?

Ans- Two masked gunmen

Q5 – Who are these two mask gunmen?

Ans- Pablo Ibrar nad Seth.

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