Is Goldenwek Scam Or Legit {2023} Check Details Here!

Is Goldenwek  Scam or Legit ? We have collected details about the authenticity of the Goldenwek shop. Please read the entire article.

Do you like long shirts or maxi dresses? Are you looking for online stores that sell summer dresses and maxi dresses? You can find the products at the Goldenwek Store in the United States if you answered yes. But is Goldenwek  scam or legit? Shoppers are trying to find out more about the legitimacy of the Goldenwek shop. Every detail about the Goldenwek store can be found here.

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Check out the reliability of the Goldenwek Store

  • The enrollment date for the Goldenwek Store is December 9, 2022. Twenty days have passed since the shop was established.
  • NameSilo, LLC, is the registrar for the Goldenwek store.
  • Expiry Date: December 9, 20,23 is the expiry date for the Goldenwek store.
  • Trust Score: The trust score for the Goldenwek website was low. It had a trust factor of 1%.
  • Shopper’s views: We tried to collect Goldenwek Reviews from the official website. It did not receive any testimonials on the official website or online.
  • Social Accounts: No presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Missing Information: Our team couldn’t find the company’s contact information or location details.
  • Data Security: Customers are satisfied by the shop’s data security via HTTPS.

The Goldenwek Shop: Brief of the Goldenwek

The Goldenwek store has a great selection for women. There are many summer collections. There are also winter collections.

  • Summer Blouses Off-Shoulder
  • Loose printed tops
  • Maxi Dress Casual Summer Dress
  • Casual Shirt Summer Dress
  • Bohemian Long Tops

Check out the Specifications in Is Goldenwek Scam Or Legit!

  • URL:
  • Telephone Number: It’s not available.
  • Email ID:
  • Location Details: Unfound
  • These shoppers have not posted testimonials about the collection of Goldenwek online or on the official platform.
  • Return Policy: Buyers have two weeks to return any product that is not satisfied.
  • Payment Options: Visa and MasterCard, Diners Club Card, MasterCard, Diners Club Card, Discover, American Express, etc.
  • Shipping Policy: Normal shipping takes between 8-14 days. Express shipping can take 3-8 days.

Positive Points

  • The email address of the company is available.
  • Orders over $50 qualify for free delivery

Negative points

  • It is not possible to find the website’s address or phone number.
  • We are unable to provide testimonials on the collection.
  • Social networking presence is virtually non-existent.

Goldenwek Reviews

Is Goldenwek  Scam or Legit?  We now own every detail of the Goldenwek shop. We have made our final decision about the Goldenwek shop. The store has not provided its phone number or location information. We checked reviews and testimonials from the online store that posts reviews on shopping websites. We did not find any. There are no testimonials from customers on the official website. This makes the website appear suspicious. This page is not accessible on social networking sites. These elements indicate that the website is not worth trust. Are you wondering if Goldenwek is a scam or legit? This site does not appear to be reliable. You should review the components that will help you deal with Credit Card Scammers.


We can conclude this post by revealing that the Goldenwek store was registered around twenty days ago. It has a low trust factor. This website is not reliable. It does not meet all requirements for legitimacy and is not recommended. These tips will help you avoid PayPal scammers. You can also find Maxi Dress information here.

What do you think about the Goldenwek store. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.Is Goldenwek  Scam or Legit?

Is Goldenwek Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In how many days the purchasers can return products?

Ans. The purchasers can return goods within two weeks.

Q2. Have the shoppers opinionated on the Goldenwek store’s collection?

Ans. No, the shoppers have not shared any testimonials on the collection of the Goldenwek store. No online destinations have shared suggestions.

Q3. Is the Goldenwek store present on social networking sites?

Ans. No, the Goldenwek store is not present on any social networking site. It looks like an unpopular store.

Q4. What is the lifespan of the Goldenwek store?

Ans. The lifespan of the Goldenwek store is only twenty days.

Q5. Is Goldenwek Scam or Legit?

Ans. It is not a dependable store as it got an unreliable trust score and life expectancy.

Q6. What is the trust count of the Goldenwek store?

Ans. We found only a 1% trust factor in the Goldenwek store.


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