Jacksonville Shooting Reddit: Complete Details On Shooting at Jacksonville Dollar General

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Do you want to know about the Jacksonville shooting? Are you eager to know about the shooting incident? The Jacksonville shooting incident has been viral across the United States and Canada. People are also talking about it.

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What is the Jacksonville Shooting Incident?

The Jacksonville Shooting Reddit is also known as the Jacksonville Landing Shooting. It was a mass shooting incident in a video game tournament. The video game Madden NFL 19 took place in Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, Florida, on August 26, 2018. A gunman killed two people and injured ten people. His name was David Katz, who killed himself after the shooting. The Good Luck Have Fun Game bar organized a video game at Jacksonville Landing Indoor marketplace. Around 130 to 150 participants took part in the tournament. Jacksonville Shooting Manifesto was clear to kill the people in the tournament.

How did the Shooting Take Place?

One of the participants, David Katz, lost the game and left the tournament without shaking the hand of the winner. After some time, he returned with two guns and fired 12 shots. After killing two people and injuring 10 people, Katz committed suicide. The tournament announcer said that Katz interviewed a victim before he was shot fatally. Later, the gunman shot widely. Some tournament participants reported the shooting on social media for the first time. The live-stream footage of the incident was also uploaded on social media.

Shooting at Jacksonville Dollar General

The video stream of the shooting has spread widely across various social media platforms. People are trying to watch the viral video on social media platforms. After getting the information about the shooting, the Sheriff’s office asked everyone to stay away from the location of the shooting. The officer arrived on the spot and evacuated it. They also searched the area to find any clues for the investigation. The officers arrived on the spot after a 911 call. They arrived within two minutes and started their duty. The victim started running towards the staff to seek help. The incident has grabbed the attention of many social media platforms, including Tiktok.

About the Victims

Most of the victims were professional gamers who participated in the Jacksonville gaming event. One of the two deceased was named Elijah Clayton, who was 22 years old. Another deceased was Taylor Robertson, aged 27 years old. Injured people were taken to the hospital for treatment. Some of the injured people left the venue and sought help from the responders.

Ten people received gun injuries, and one person got injured when he tried to flee from the incident. Some of the victims were in good condition and released immediately. Those who got severe injuries were admitted to the hospital. Instagram users and other social media users are discussing the incident widely. They are trying to know about the victims and the incident as well.

Who Was the Perpetrator?

The perpetrator was David Katz, who was a 24-year-old professional gamer. He attended the Jacksonville tournament to participate in the game. But he lost the game and attacked the other participants. He also killed himself after killing two people and injuring 10 others. Some other participants said that Katz was showing some weird behaviors. The Sheriff’s office allocated an officer to investigate the incident. Officers arrived on the spot immediately.


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