How to Bring Lost Leads Back: 6 Mind-Blowing Ideas. If you promote your service or product there are many people who view it all the way from those interested in your advertisement to those who aren’t. Marketers refer to them as “hot,” “warm,” and “cold” prospective customers (leads).


According to research, “hot” leads are less than 20 percent! People who are aware of what they want and are seeking it – whether that’s a new smartphone or the online essay service or dental. They are usually aware of the company they’re looking at. They are the ones that your landing page can convert into buyers.

But it is not the case that all 20 percent of the leads are buyers. It is important to realize that a site or landing page can be limited in its effectiveness. If the website is designed in a way that is logical from the point the psychology of sales design, copywriting, and so on. There is an excellent chance that it can turn this 20% of potential buyers into sales with a chance of between 15 and 40 percent. In reality, 15-40% of “hot” leads will purchase right away.

The majority of visitors who visit your website don’t buy anything, and then leave. This means you lose the possibility of communicating with them in the future. There’s no contacts left. It’s impossible to contact them via text or phone to ask for a different offer or to inform them about discounts, promotions or special deal. They will always be lost buyers and a waste of money.

If you aren’t willing to lose nearly 50% of potential customers, we’re going to provide suggestions on how to help you gain the leads you lost back.

Fix Your Website

To address the issue of abandoned carts and lost leads It is essential to resolve all technical issues within the site. If the site is functioning correctly, the customers will face no problems dealing with these issues:

  • Payment
  • entering data
  • Finding the perfect product.

In order to ensure that customers do not quit the website without making a purchase, provide them with the best delivery conditions and a reasonable price and limit the amount of payment options. Don’t burden the prospective buyer with registration requirements and the requirement to fill out numerous data fields.

Build Funnels

Bussiness ideas. It’s not often that a customer’s journey to convert on a site is just one step. In general, based on the nature of the market and method of promotion the conversion path can last from 3 to 8 contact points between a potential customer and the bussiness.

Only with a properly designed funnel can you remain in contact with leads that you have lost because they visited your site. How many leads you return depends on the professionals who manage the funnel. The design of sales tunnels is an extremely most lucrative jobs in the field of marketing. The field of work is still relatively young, yet it is growing rapidly.

With selling funnels, once we introduce potential subscribers to our bots, they instantly are added to the database. Automated message chains are created for them. The online manager can reach them right away via chat. Contact numbers are also collected to allow for further contact.

Even if a customer quits the website without purchasing something, the funnel will continue it’s course of action and eventually leads customers to buy by offering various deals. Of course it is not possible to be sure of the sale. Also, it has its own method of conversion. And the more advanced the group of the experts who develop these funnels, the more they are able to sell.

WebPush Notifications

The client can be returned to the website as fast as you can with the help of personal push notifications just a few minutes after they have left the shopping cart. If the order isn’t completed, there’s the option of setting up an automatic reminder that includes a discount that will further encourage customers to finish the purchase.

Web pushers can be utilized as an additional channel. This is among the fundamental marketing strategies and is utilized frequently. The customer receives all the information along with a listing of all benefits via messages or via messengers and the push message serves as a reminder, which often is seen.

Don’t abuse popups to ensure that your offer doesn’t diminish its appeal in the eyes of your customer. Try different kinds of popups to determine the most effective.

Send Emails

Bussiness ideas. Let visitors know about your company by sending your email-based newsletter. If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of leads lost gather contacts from the people you want to reach. A letter of greeting with an appealing deal (a discount on your “favorite” product or promotional code or any other incentive) will remind customers of the products they’ve seen or placed in their cart.

To improve the email’s effectiveness, you can establish an expiration date. This can encourage users to take action. Incorporate the deadline date within the subject of your email so that it is not overlooked.

While you are experimenting with new ways for promoting your company it is important to not overlook the traditional methods. Both SMS and email marketing remain effective instruments. Both can help start your bussiness, or help keep it running.


In the event that you do not have leads’ contact information, you could attempt to get them back through Remarketing. By using abandoned cart data it is possible to make ads that be able to catch up with customers leaving your website.

Through ads to remind customers about items put in the cart. In writing your messages, you should include details about your customers and their behaviour:

  • At what point when do they exit the site;
  • the micro-conversions that they report during the process.

In your advert, you can include the following information:

  • Information on the amount of products that are left on the website;
  • You can redeem a coupon for an additional discount as well as free delivery on the purchase.

Retargeting abandoned carts as well as lost leads can be utilized not only by Google but also in other ways:

  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);
  • Other services and applications utilized by the client.

Resort to a Chatbot

Create a fully functional site by adding chatbots. Customers are sometimes unable to complete their purchase due to the following:

  • the essential information regarding the product
  • the delivery conditions;
  • Checkout page.

Chatbots with online chat will be able to solve this issue and help the user return to making an order.

The benefit of working as being an online consultant is that you can provide the highest quality of service to customers and strive to comprehend their issues and wants.

Final Thoughts

Loss of leads are always an issue. However, you can cut them down by implementing a solid communications strategy. Take time to learn about your customers and their path to purchase. Analyze key ad metrics that let you adjust every step of your interaction with potential customers. By doing this you can increase the amount of conversions you make and decrease the amount of lost leads.

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