Portugal proved they could be able to break free of Ronaldo’s shadow the way they hammered Switzerland with a 6-1 win in Round 16 of the tournament on Tuesday.


Portugal is Able

Goncalo Ramos from Portugal, the latest 21-year-old superstar, has never been a part of the national side without Ronaldo being involved.

The prospect of a future without the country’s greatest player has the potential to be an unnerving prospect for the upcoming generations of Portugal internationals.

The team isn’t performing in the World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In fact, they suggested they could even be free from Ronaldo’s shadow due to the manner in which Portugal defeated Switzerland 6-1 , in the round of 16 on Tuesday.

There is an existence after the five-time World athlete of the year even if it is difficult for many to imagine.

Portugal coach Fernando Santos wanted a team “playing with plenty in fluidity” with Switzerland and it was always that Ronaldo, who is 37 years old Ronaldo -the player who scored more goal goals (118) than any other player in international soccer for men — to sit on the bench. It was a huge decision and could not have been better, at the very least against Switzerland.

It’s a decision Erik ten Hag has made at Manchester United this season, preferring to have more flexible players within his front four players rather than an unquestionably goal-scoring machine who’s movement has changed from what it used to be.

It was not until the final 16th of the tournament to convince Santos to decide to decision at the World Cup, with his convictions bolstered by his apparent anger at Ronaldo’s behavior following his substitution in the group match in the group game against South Korea.

The Portuguese soccer federation said Thursday that Ronaldo was committed to the team, stating that the player had accumulated an “unique performance record each day” of service to his country, and showed an “unquestionable level of dedication for the team of Portugal.”

This doesn’t mean that it will guarantee him that he will start in the near future.

For the game against Switzerland, Ramos — who was substituted for Ronaldo to the awe to many and then scored the hat trick in his debut and stretched out the defense of his opponent more than Ronaldo usually does. This gave Felix who was playing right behind Ramos the chance to play in, and he delivered one of the best performance for Portugal.

It’s not far than the Felix who seems to be so restricted beneath Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid and is working hard to improve his defensive discipline and maintaining the team in shape with what can he offer in attacking.

Santos described the characteristics that the strikers who make up his team -three – Ronaldo, Ramos and Andre Silva He also said that although Ronaldo can be described as a person “who is more rigid and operates in a more focused zone,” Ramos is “more energetic.”

Thus, the decision to drop Ronaldo is a major change in the game plan. It could have worked against Switzerland But is it going to work for Morocco?

The hope is to be the very first African team to make it to in the World Cup semifinals, Morocco is expected to play defense against Portugal and take part in the counterattack. Santos will have to decide whether the match is more of an game to Ronaldo one of soccer’s most famous players — or keep the player who has just played the most memorable game of his life.

It’s not an awful situation to be in and it leaves Portugal as a highly risky scenario in any way.

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