[Update]Travis Perkins Murder: Where Is Bob Sam Castleman Now?

Travis Perkins Murder, In Arkansas, Pocahontas witnessed a horrifying incident in which Travis Perkins was murdered in his own apartment. The police began investigating the death initially, but soon discovered that Travis was involved in a meth-related business. Investigation Discovery’s Murder in the Wicked West – No Honor Among Thieves’ chronicles the heinous crime and shows how the police finally got to the bottom. Let’s dive into the details and learn more about the crime.

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How Did Travis Perkins Die?

Travis Perkins Murder, Travis Perkins, a Pocahontas resident, was well-known for being a kind and helpful person. Travis Perkins was mentioned on the show as being involved in an illegal meth-related business in his locality, but he was loved and respected by all. People considered him a friend. Travis’s friendly nature helped him make connections all over the world. According to some reports, Travis was involved in a meth-related business with Jerrod Castleman. He even offered to cooperate with police just before his death. But nothing could have prepared people for the terrible events that were to befall Pocahontas.

Travis was killed by an attacker in Pocahontas (Arkansas) on April 15. Travis, 34, lived alone and didn’t interact with his neighbors every day. People failed to notice Travis’ absence. People eventually discovered Travis’ body and reported it to the police about a week later. Although the victim was not responsive and was declared dead by first responders, a medical examination revealed that there were bullet wounds.

An autopsy later revealed that Travis was shot twice from close range with a 9mm pistol, which instantly ended his life. Travis’ body was found lying on his back on the ground, and his feet were touching the floor. This suggests that Travis was just getting out of bed when he was attacked. A thorough search of the crime scene revealed a 9mm bullet. Signs of forced entry also indicated that there was an external connection to the murder.

Travis Perkins was killed by who?

Travis Perkins Murder, Due to a lack of witnesses or leads, the initial investigation into Travis’ death was difficult. They searched the crime scene and canvassed the area, but found only a 9mm gun which was not enough to identify a suspect. The police did interview some Travis’ friends, but they didn’t know if anyone had any grudges against the victim. The case was not moving forward so detectives quickly found themselves back at square one.

The detectives finally made a breakthrough when they discovered that Travis was involved with an illegal meth-business and were arrested as well. Travis was a skilled cook and had started his own meth business with Jerrod Castleman. Jerrod Castleman was the son ex-judge Bob Sam Castleman. The two would cook and sell the drug at Bob’s farm. It was also surprising to discover that Bob had been involved in the trade, and was charged with the same.

It will interest readers to learn that reports claim Bob, Jerrod and others once mailed a live snake to a person who purchased a car from them. They requested servicing later. The police thought they were capable of committing a murder. Both Jarrod and Bob resisted any responsibility and maintained their innocence when they were questioned. The police discovered that Travis was going to testify against Jarrod and Bob, giving the father-son team a plausible motive for the murder. They were then brought back for another round of questioning. Jarrod finally gave in to the police and admitted that Travis had been killed by his father. Jerrod agreed that he would testify against Bob. He claimed that his father had disguised himself before he went to Travis’ home to shoot him. A 9mm bullet was also found on Bob’s property by the police, which matches the ones used in the murder.

Bob Sam Castleman Where Are You Now?

Travis Perkins Murder, Jarrod, who testified against Bob, claimed that Travis was killed by his father after learning that Travis was willing to cooperate with police on the matter. However Bob Sam Castleman wasn’t charged with Travis’ murder. He was instead convicted of drug conspiracy and sentenced to 40 year in federal prison. In 2015, he was sentenced to a further 21-month term for drug conspiracy charges. He had also submitted a fraudulent burglary claim in an attempt to obtain some money from his insurer. Bob is currently in the United States Penitentiary McCreary in McCreary County in Kentucky and is eligible for release in 2046.

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