Video David Aniaya Twitter: Why It Turned into a web sensation On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube and Message? Understand Now!

Video David Aniaya Twitter review has examined a ruthless assault cut that has turned into a web sensation via online entertainment locales.

Has nearby police captured Mario Dandy Satrio, a denounced in a kid attack case? Did David Aniaya endure the merciless assault by MDS? An upsetting video of a person lying out and about while culprits consistently hit him has surfaced on the web. As indicated by advanced media reports, the person lying on the road is David Aniaya, and the man hitting him has been recognized as Mario Dandy.

The video has circulated around the web on the web, and individuals of Indonesia and its administration have called for harsh activity against the guilty party in Video David Aniaya Twitter.

Mario Dandy Assault David during GP Ansor Preparing:

A video has surfaced on the web that shows a man beating a youngster lying out and about. The beating occurrence happened in the Pesanggrahan area of Jakarta on twentieth February 2023. The culprit in the clasp is recognized as the MDS child of a government worker in the Service of Money.

A few reports propose that a young lady named Agnes incited Mario Dany against David, prompting the severe attack. This episode happened during an instructional course of the Ansor youth development, an Islamic association in the country.

David Aniaya Video Viral On Reddit:

The video of the severe assault is flowing via online entertainment locales like Reddit and Facebook. Albeit the assault video surfaced on Facebook gradually, it turned into a web sensation on the web. The Indonesian people group page on Reddit has a string connected with the Aniaya occurrence named David oppression video.

The video posted on this string is of 56 seconds and has 590 remarks. As this string is dynamic in the Indonesian people group, most netizens have a fair thought of the occurrence and offer their considerations on the viral clasp. # Aniaya is moving on Instagram, and many presents related on the assault are accessible.

Most remarks in the string and other online entertainment locales are aimed at the young lady named Agnes Gracia Haryanto, the ongoing sweetheart of Mario Dandy and the ex of David.

Agnes Gracia Contribution in Pesanggrahan Occurrence:

The various social posts propose that Agnes incited Mario Dandy against David. Agnes griped to Mario about the misconduct of David, which caused the undesirable fight between the two.

A few remarks likewise show that Agnes recorded the assault on David and took a selfie with his harmed body. It very well may be found in a Youtube video that Mario continued to raise a ruckus around town group of Aniaya.

Did David endure the Assault?

David Aniaya endure the assault and is getting treated for the wounds endured during the fight. The Money Priest has called for guaranteed activity against the culprits.

Police Activity in David’s Mistreatment Case:

The South Jakarta Metro police brief says that MDS was captured on 22nd February 2023, and the casualty is getting treated at Medika Permata Hijau Medical clinic.

Last decision:

The hashtag #Justice for David Aniaya is moving on different social destinations, as casualty’s families can expect equity.
Ought to move be initiated against Agnes Gracia? Kindly remark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is a GP Ansor?

GP Ansor is an Islamic youth association in the country.

Q.2 What is the period of culprit Mario Dandy?

Mario Dandy is twenty years of age.

Q.3 What charges have the police documented against Mario Dandy?

Police have booked Dandy under Articles 76 and 80.

Q.4 What most extreme punishment might Mario Dandy at any point look in the David assault episode?

Mario Dandy can confront five-year detainment in the David assault case.

Q.5 What post does David’s dad hold in GP Ansor?

David’s dad, Jonathan Latumahina, is a middle supervisor at GP Ansor.

Q.6 Is David’s video accessible on the Message stage?

David’s attack video may be flowing in confidential on this stage.

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