Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia: Check Complete Information On Fatal Shark Attack in New Caledonia

This article exposed Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia. And also delivered more detailed information about the beach and action taken by the authority.

Is a Fatal Shark Attacked a tourist? Does the man die in a shark attack? A fatal shark attack at New Caledonia resort in Australia shocked the famous tourist place of Noumea. People from the United Kingdom and other countries are likes adventure. Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia incident adventure makes everyone in sorrow. Read the article to know about Shark Attacks and more.

Fatal Shark Attack

An Australian tourist was attacked by a fatal shark while swimming. He was killed on New Caledonia’s crowded beach, and the moment was captured in the CCTV surveillance camera.

The AFP news assistance reported that the 59-year-old man was struck near a pontoon on Sunday afternoon. This place is 150 meters from the coastline in Noumea. The shark attack was horrible. The fatal shark bites the man’s leg and arms several times.

Fatal Shark Attack in New Caledonia

Two people from emergency service on a jetski quickly rushed him to the beach to save him. But the attempt failed. Sadly the man died on the spot at the scene.

CCTV footage reveals Shark attack

In the 15-second clip, wading in the water near the pontoon with the number of swimmers in the sea. Unexpectedly a jetski is captured racing out to the disturbance before recurring to the beach.

According to one observer, the jetski rider person flew into the act after hearing the alarm go off. Continue reading for more Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia information.

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Beach patrol Action

The jetski rider returned to Caledonia beach to gather another beach patrol member. Before they started, the jetski pair came to the beach with the man’s body.

The seashore patrol team did emergency first aid and CPR till paramedic’s people arrived.

Beach evacuated

An adequate number of swimmers in the beach water panicked after seeing the shark attack. All the swimmers were rushed back to the beach. The police department evacuated the zone after the Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia.

After this incident, all beaches in Noumea were closed. As part of this shark attack operation, drones have been arranged to trace sharks in the zone.

Sonia Lagarde, New Caledonia mayor, has well-ordered to capture tigers and sharks in surrounding waters.

Recent Shark attack

The fatal shark attack happened just a week after a woman was seriously injured. A week before this incident, a 49-year old woman was attacked by a fatal shark on the same beach. She suffered severe injuries and was admitted for treatment in an Australian hospital. In this shark attack incident, the lady lost her leg.

The Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia attacked a windsurfer on 5th February at another Noumea beach. Luckily, the man was not injured.


The fatal shark attack in New Caledonia is the third incident in the last three weeks. The tourist and local people are unhappy after these continuous attacks. Watch the horrible Fatal Shark Attack at this link.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where did the shark attack happen?

Chateau Royal Beach

Q2. When did the shark attack happen?

Sunday afternoon.

Q3. How many shark attacks happened recently?

Three attacks

Q4. Where is New Caledonia beach located?

Nouméa, the south pacific

Q5. Who died in the shark attack?

59 years old, man

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