Julia Merfeld Husband: Is Julia Merfeld Still Married? Where is Jake Merfeld or Jacob Merfeld?

Julia Merfeld Husband, Back in 2013, the world was stunned when a 21-year-old woman named Julia Merfeld from Muskegon, Michigan, was caught on camera attempting to hire a hitman to kill her husband, Jake Merfeld. The scandalous incident quickly made headlines across the country, sparking widespread discussion about Julia’s fate. Here are some crucial details about the case.

Husband of Julia Merfeld 

Julia Merfeld was married to Jake Merfeld, her loving husband and father to their two children. The couple had been married for a few years, and Jake was known to be a hardworking man who was dedicated to his family and worked tirelessly to provide for them.

is Julia Merfeld Still Married

During the time of her apprehension, Julia Merfeld was still married to Jake Merfeld. However, she was involved in an extramarital affair with another man and was scheming to leave her husband after he was murdered.

Julia Partner Jake Merfeld

Julia Merfeld’s partner was Jake Merfeld, to whom she was married and shared two children. Unfortunately, Jake was unaware of Julia’s intentions to hire someone to kill him.

Julia Merfeld Husband Jacob Merfeld Killing Plan

Julia Merfeld’s plot to eliminate her spouse was uncovered when she reached out to an undercover police officer, who she believed was a contract killer. Merfeld proposed a payment of $50,000 to the “hitman” to execute her husband and make it appear like a failed robbery. She even provided ideas on how to stage the murder as an accident.

Where is Jake Merfeld or Jacob Merfeld?

Jake Merfeld’s current whereabouts are unknown. Following the incident involving his wife, he and his family relocated from Muskegon, Michigan to begin a fresh start elsewhere.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the case of Julia Merfeld, who attempted to hire a hitman to kill her husband:

  1. What was the sentence given to Julia Merfeld for her attempt to hire a hitman to kill her husband?
  • Julia Merfeld received a sentence of five to 20 years in prison for solicitation of murder.
  1. Did Julia Merfeld express any remorse for her actions?
  • Yes, during her trial, Julia Merfeld expressed regret for her actions and apologized to her husband and family.
  1. How did Jake Merfeld react to his wife’s plan to have him killed?
  • Jake Merfeld was shocked and devastated when he discovered his wife’s plan, and he filed for divorce shortly after.
  1. Did anyone else help Julia Merfeld in her plan to have her husband killed?
  • No, Julia Merfeld acted alone in her plot to have her husband killed.
  1. What was the impact of Julia Merfeld’s actions on her children?
  • Following her arrest, Julia Merfeld’s children were taken into protective custody. It is unknown how the incident has affected them.

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